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Projects on HIV/AIDS to be Implemented in 2012 and 2013

Guinea Bissau - Awareness Project

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Who's involved?

Project leader: Noel Vieira

Lead organisation: Céu e Terras

Other organisations: theater group BLIFE, Commission Organisatrice du Championnat Juvénile du Bairro Militar

August 1 - September 7 2013


Inform and educate adolescents and young people on HIV/AIDS and STI's issues.


The goal is to contribute significantly to the reduction of HIV/AIDS by spreading knowledge about the subject among the young population.

Downloads (available in French only):


Progress report [PDF]

Final report [PDF]


Haiti - Sensitization on HIV/AIDS Prevention

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An initiative to raise awareness of prevention against HIV/AIDS in three communities on Haiti.


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Jamaica - Youth MSM Empowerment Project (YMEP)

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An initiative to help combat homophobia and its effects on the HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst young MSM.

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Mauritius/Rodrigues - Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS for Out-of-School Youth

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The conduct of youth-led activities to empower out of school youth, raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and spread and sustain the fight against stigma and discrimination in Mauritius, including Rodrigues.


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